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Advent Season

Advent, anglicized from the Latin word adventus meaning "coming", (first coming) is a season observed in many Western Christian churches, a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas.  It is the beginning of the Western liturgical year and commences on Advent Sunday, called Levavi and continues to a joyous end with the celebration of Jesus' birth on Christmas Eve.

Advent begins upon the nearest Sunday (before or after) to St. Andew's Day (Nov. 30).  It lasts until Christmas, and used to be observed as a time of fasting before the celebration of the birth of Jesus, as Lent is observed before the festival of His resurrection at Easter.

Latin adventus is the translation of the Greek word parousia, commonly used in reference to the Second Coming of Christ.  For Christians, the season of Advent serves as a reminder both of the original waiting that was done by the Hebrews for the birth of their Messiah as well as the waiting of Christians for Christ's return from Heaven where he now sits at the Right Hand of God.  The (second coming) is the time to which the Church looks forward, when Jesus shall come again to earth in His majesty as God the Son, to judge the living and all those who have died.

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Prayer for Advent

The Advent story
of hope and mystery,
a kingdom
of this world and the next,
and a king
appearing when we least expect.
Heaven touching earth,
the footsteps of the divine
walking dusty roads
as once they did in Eden,
and a people,
searching for a Saviour,
and walking past
the stable.
Open eyes and hearts,
that this might be
an Advent of hope to the world.