The Church Of St Dunstan

Mission Statement - Growing in Christ, Reflecting His Love
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7 Sunday after Pentecost

Prayer Requests

For Physical and Spiritual Comfort: Alice, Carter, W.H. and Betty, The Barlow Family, the Raynes family .  Families persecuted Christians world wide, especially Helia,the homeless and displaced persons throughout the world.

For Healing:  Al, Brigitte, Carol, Cherie, Dodie, Don, Donna, Fr. Pat, Hannah, Jill, John, Ken, Layla, Linda, Paige, Patti, Paul J., Rayford, and Terry.                                                                                   
Chronically ill: Adam, Anne and Mac, Beverly, Bob, BreAnn, Brian, Bryan, Carl, Christie, Clark and Eleanor, Cole, David, Diana, Dick and Phyllis, Don, Dorothy, Fr. Efren, Gene, Jeanne, Jerry, Jim, Joan, Joe, Joseph, Judy, Luke, Madison, Maureen, Nicholas, Pat, Penny, Quinn, Richard and Gail, Ron and Linda, Ronnie, Sara, Shawn, Shelly, Stella, Susan, Tyrone, Zoie, and those in Hospice care.

For those in the military, expecially:  Chris, D.J., Henry, Jesse, Matthew, and Travis.

For travel: Marjorie and Herold
For Birthdays:

In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: Retired Clergy of the Diocese, Nonparochial Clergy of the Diocese, Clergy Licensed in the Diocese, Aspirants, Postulants and Candidate for Holy Orders.

For those preparing from this life to the next, especially Pat.

We also  bless thy Holy Name for all thy servants departed this life in thy faith and fear:  Especially: Nancy R. and Larry B.