The Church Of St Dunstan

Mission Statement - Growing in Christ, Reflecting His Love
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Twenty-Third Sunday-Awakening to God's Presence-Fr. Pat

Synopsis of Twenty-Second Sunday Readings-Fr. Tom

Old Testament-Revelation 7:9-17-The Great Multitude in White Robes
This multitude in Heaven is composed of allthose who remained faithful to God throughout the Generations.

New Testament (Epistle)-1 John 3:1-3
Verse 1 tells us "Who we are."-Members of God's family.
Verse 2 tells us "Who we are becoming." Reflections of God
The rest of the chapter tells us what we have as grow to resemble God--Victory over sin, love for others and confidence before God.

The Gospel:  Matthew 5:1-12-The Sermon on the Mount
Jesus proclaimed his attitude toward the law.  The sermon on the mount challenged the proud and legalistic religious leaders of the day.  What matters is faithful obedience from the heart.  Jesus taught that heartfel obedience is more important the legalistic observance.